What is Recession? How Absolut-e helps to improve Economy

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is Recession?
Before, understanding “Recession”, we need to understand the market economy;


A1] Growing Market Economy
A2] Declining Market Economy

A1] Growing Market Economy:

A2] Declining Market Economy


  • Producer/Manufacturer wanted their demand always to be high
  • Consumer/Customer wanted their buying cost always to be low.

Actually, Demand is the price at which consumer is ready to buy and producer is ready to sell;

Usually, we think;
Demand = Quantity
But, here Demand = Price; This is because,
Price decides the Quantity of Sales;

Competitive Price = More Demand;
In competitive Price = Less Demand;

What is Recession?
Recession is the economy shrinking for two consecutive quarters (=6 months) with a
decrease in the GDP (=Gross Domestic Product).

GDP = Value of all the reported goods and services
produced by the people operating in the country.

What is GDP & How it is calculated ?

GDP = MONEY VALUE OF {C + I + G + (X – M)}

C = Consumables, I = Gross Investments, G = Government Spending,
X = Exports, M = Imports

GDP is a good indicator of economy; Other
indicators could be;
-Unemployment Rate
-Consumption Rate
-Actual Personal Income

If GDP is growing, then market is growing due to increased demand;

Note: If the recession continues for next quarter, (>6 months) then we go through “DEPRESSION” Economy;

There is a joke that economists quote to explain the Difference between “Recession & Depression”:

What is a Business Cycle?

1. What goes up; Has to come down;
2. Growing economy has to come down if the production rate of goods & services was
more than the actual consumption;

Why Recession happens?




A situation in which the supply exceeds the nation’s ability to consume what has been produced;

Supply > Demand

2.1 : Word of mouth:
Low Confidence Level of Millions of consumers and producers after they
hear many job cuts,Demand coming down, Companies’ bankruptcy, etc;

Consumers are fearing that they may lose their jobs;
So, they have less confidence to spend money and buy goods;
This will result in reduction in demand in the market; Consumers start saving money instead of spending money; This is a downward spiral in the economy;

Example: September 11 Terrorist Attack in US;
International Airport block in Thailand;
Mumbai Attacked in India; etc…

Series of such incidences leading into a kind of War;

Terrorists’ Attack on 11th September in US - Case Study
  • Created fear in people
  • People canceled their travel plans
  • Resulted in low occupancy rates
  • Airlines & Hotel Industries badly hit
  • Airline & Hotel Industries offered discounts, gift coupons, to attract people
  • But, still, no improvement in occupancy rate
  • Airline & Hotel Industries started “Cost Reduction” activities
Airline & Hotel Industries started “Cost Reduction” activities:

i] Reduce No. of flights:
In flight meals reduced , Meals supplying company got the hit; Catering company lays off people.
ii] Lay off people:
Low or No income to spend and buy goods.Demand for other goods come down
iii] Salary reduction to “Not laid off people”
They became careful due to the fear of loss of job , Started saving money instead of spending;
Demand for other goods come down;

So, you can see how the hit on Airline and Hotel
industries can affect “Un-related” industries
at the end;

One industry can hit many other industries when the
confidence level of millions of consumers & producers drastically comes down;

How to know recession?

Indicators to say a nation is in recession;
- People buying less stuff
- Decrease in factory production
- Growing unemployment
- Slump in personal income
- An unhealthy stock market

How to come out of recession?

It is unhealthy for any nation to be in Recession;
So, Government will take certain countermeasures to eliminate or reduce the Effect of recession for turnaround;

Important Point: Today, it is a market Economy;
Producers Can produce and sell at their prices
Consumers Can decide to buy or not;
Both Producers and Consumers are free to act; Not a forced action

Government has 2 plans:-
Fiscal Policies (By Govt.):
Government influences the economy by changing how it (Government) spends and collects money.
Monetary Policies (By US Treasury):
US Treasury manipulates the available supply of money in the country

Fiscal Policies
(By Govt.):

1] Tax cuts for businesses or for individuals
--> More money available for spending
2] More Spending by Govt. to create jobs
--> Individuals get salary and spend money
3] Automatic fiscal policy; Unemployment Insurance
--> Some income to unemployed people to spend

Above all could result into Demand picks up; Market can recover;

Monetary Policies (By US Treasury) :
1] Reduce reserve ratio
--> More money available for bank to give loans
What is Reserve Ratio?
Each bank has to keep a high % of their assets in
US Treasury. These assets do not earn any interest to banks. This money kept in
US Treasury is called “Reserves”; US Treasury sets certain ratio of this reserves and it is
called “Reserve Ratio”.

2] Lower the interest rates:
--> Individuals take more loan
3] Use its own reserved money to buy Govt. bonds
--> It becomes an income to Govt. to inject money into the market
Above all could result into Demand picks up; Market can recover;

US Treasury’s Power or Government’s Power is double-edged
sword; Sometimes, their policies to recover from recession
can be counter-productive and it may further worsen the

If we advise our people to save money, then, the multiplication effect is that
the demand will not pickup and recession will continue; Very peculiar!!!!! But, I
am not misguiding you; Just think from a macro level, if everybody in the
country stops spending, what will happen?

Nation’s recession is controlled by the actions of everybody living in that country;

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