PureApp.com - Monitor & Control Continues Integration On-Demand

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is PureApp.com?

Web based Continues Integration On-Demand for your Software Project environment.

What is Continues Integration?

Continues Integration is a software development practice of automated build, automated test and Notifies the problem.

Benefits of PureApp.com:

* Monitoring and controlling of source code
* Compiles for every change
* Run automated tests
* Notifies if there are problem occurs
* Rapid Feedback.
* Decreased time in the debugging.
* Early identification of bugs.
* Localization of bugs.
* Minimizes duration of Code Freezes.
* The product is always in a stable/releasable state.
* Always system up and running and keep it up to date.
* Test coverage GAP Analysis

* Monitoring of your project source code management system such as CVS, Subversion, Perforce, Clearcase, Visual Source Safe, git, etc.
* Every time code changes, PureApp.com system checks for the latest version.
* PureApp.com compiles your latest version of project source code using the build scripts that is robust and repeatable build procedures/steps.
* Automated Test runs on the compiled new build.
* Notifies the results

Advantages of PureApp.com:

* No need to setup your own Continues Integration server environment such as CruseControl, Integrity, ContinuesBuilder, etc.
* Pureapp can take care of your QA / Test environment.
* Pureapp manages build management of parallel builds and distributed builds.
* Automate your Tests [Unit Test, Functional Test and Integration Test].
* Test Coverage GAP Analysis.
* Receive Notifications in email, twitter, basecamp and campfire
Web based online Reports:
* Report of Code Coverage [Each line of code & Test Coverage]
* Listing of Cyclomatic Complexity on each method / function
* Reports code duplication [Common code smell detection for ruby]
* Analysis structural similarities
* Warning report on potential design issues