Agile Project Management Tool -

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Agile Project Management Tool -

Why Agile Project Management ?
In the current Market Scenario, Top Executives and Project Managers are all under ever-increasing pressure To satisfy their customer needs and To deliver quality results with slashed budget and with less number of available resources.

No more Long year long projects, Companies and Customers wanted immediate results and expect the progress immediately as quick as possible in terms of days.

The main issues of any project not to be successful are

  • In-proper Project Management
  • Rapidly changing requirements
  • In-Efficient use of Time , Resource and Money
The Agile Project Management Methodology helps to avoid all of the above issues of Top Executives and Project Managers.
The agile development methodologies promises Rapid Delivery and flexibility while maintaining quality.
The Agile methodologies such as eXtreme Programming (XP) , SCRUM, Feature-Driven Development and also new Test Driven Development strive to reduce the cost of change throughout the software development process.

Some of the interesting features of Agile methodologies are
  • For Rapidly changing requirements, Rapid iterative planning and development cycles in order to force trade-offs and deliver the highest value features as early as possible.[XP]
  • Feature driven Development provides the chance to focus on the important and valuable features first to buy-in customers quickly.
  • Test Driven Development provides early defect detection and resolution even before the development is started.
  • To Efficiently use Time,Resources and Money: Pair Programming , test-first design , Continues Integration and much more..

Setup Your Project For Success,Deliver Results with PairWorks:

  • Simple yet Powerful
  • Practice Agile Methodologies like eXtremeProgramming(XP), SCRUM, Feature-Driven Development easily
  • Prioritize your user stories(features) in product backlog
  • Identify problems in iterations with burndown charts
  • Check all your projects easily with dashboard
New Agile Project Management web based tool is released: Check out & Register it and use it for free

Provide us your feedback and let us know if you want any specific features to be included in the PairWorks Agile Project Management Tool. -
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