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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get ->Set ->Deliver your Project successful.

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    How PairWorks valuable to you?

  • Track Your Projects with Signals
  • Identify How Efficient your team is with velocity & burn down Charts
  • Manage Your Project Iterations
  • Manage Your User Stories / Features with points
  • Manage Your Project Works with estimated man hours
  • Manage Your Team members with Open ID

Who can use PairWorks?

Who ever Manages Operational Projects , Development Projects , new initiatives , strategies , ideas , sales & marketing, finance , Human Resource(HR) , Manufacturing , Distribution , etc. for any industry [ Information Technology (IT) & Non-IT ] Usually, all of the above are not managed with proper Management tools. We can help you to use Pairworks following agile methodologies to be successful in all of your initiatives.

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