Discuss and get answered

Monday, June 29, 2009

Discuss and get answered:
Speed has become the order of the day. We no longer have the pleasure of making leisurely decisions. Better and quick decision making has been a necessity for survival.

Better decisions come from better inputs and quicker decisions come from the prior knowledge and in-depth analysis of the options available.

But, is all the knowledge to make these decisions available? Yes, but it is scattered. All that you need to do, to gather this scattered information, is to speak aloud and air your views, doubts, questions ….

So go ahead and start a discussion and see how information comes pouring down, to help you make a considered decision.


Anna University Engineering Counseling :

Anna University’s engineering counseling is scheduled to start on 05/July/2009. This is the time to make quick and better decision on the college and the branch that will determine your future. Many of us have numerous questions on the subject but are clueless on where or how to get the answers. If you one among this lot, worry not. Ask you questions and get answered.
And if you have an answer for any of the questions raised here, answer them and become a part of this knowledge sharing innovation – to benefit and get benefited.